Clorox Green Living Cleaners, do you like them?

I just bought some Clorox Green living cleaners or whatever and they smell nice but do they do as good of a job as conventional ones? I’m not all into this green stuff as some people but I prefer the green cleaners around my son and dogs. So do you like them or no?
I had no idea they tested on animals. I’m so upset I didnt research this and supported a company that does that. Thanks for letting me know

6 thoughts on “Clorox Green Living Cleaners, do you like them?”

  1. NO i dont!
    sometimes i use seventh generation brand, they are good non toxic cleaners that are safe to use in the house where there are children and pets. and they work really well..also you can make your own cleaners, you can get empty spray bottles in almost any store and the internet has tons of recipes for homemade cleaners using inexpensive ingredients like vinegar and baking can even add scents to them, and they are cheaper too and work great and you just have to make sure you label the bottles.

  2. I use Seventh Generation (available at Whole Foods and Target), Method and Melaleuca. Melaleuca just released an eco-friendly disinfectant that kills 99% of common germs.

  3. No I tried them and I hate them. They don’t work at all and they smell terrible too. I have found Method at Target, a line of non-toxic, biodegradable cleaners, and I love them. They are the only cleaners I buy now. They smell wonderful and they work just as good as harsh, chemical cleaners.

  4. I don’t as clorox test their products on animals. Method cleaners are amazing! No chemicals that are harmful to your health and they don’t test on animals either. Here is a list of companies that do and don’t test on animals and are good for people and the environment. After all, this is the world you will be leaving for your son.

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