Desertec solar energy project

Desertec solar energy project – a unique industry initiative to develop a reliable, sustainable and climate-friendly energy supply from the deserts in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) is now taking shape. On 30 October 2009 in Munich the articles of association for the DII GmbH (limited liability company) were signed by the group of founding members consisting of twelve companies and the DESERTEC Foundation. The DII aims at accelerated implementation of the DESERTEC concept, as developed by the DESERTEC Foundation. This work of the DII will entail a thorough analysis and the establishment of a framework for investments to supply the MENA region and Europe with power produced using solar and wind energy sources. The long-term goal is to satisfy a substantial part of the energy needs of the MENA countries and meet as much as 15% of Europes electricity demand by 2050. The DII shareholder meeting today appointed Paul van Son as CEO of the DII. Over a period of about 30 years Mr. van Son has held various management posts in the European energy industry, including Managing Director of Deutsche Essent (Germany) and Econcern (Netherlands). These companies have earned a reputation as developers of renewable energy and energy efficiency programs. Mr. van Son is also Chairman of the European Federation of Energy Traders (EFET) and Chairman of the Energy4All Foundation which is active in Africa. Mr. van Son: We recognize and strongly support the DESERTEC

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  1. I find Desertec t be a perfect example of the values of cooperation between the 43 member countries present at the Union for the Mediterranean. An EU iniciative born from the old Barcelona process (now hosting its headquarters).

    BTW your data might be outdated cos I can remember at least four more signatories, like say:

    Red Eléctrica de España (Spain)
    Enel Green Power (Italy)
    Saint-Gobain Solar (France)
    NAREVA Holding (Morocco)

  2. This is absolutely brilliant, the sooner this project is completed the better. A great progressive step into the future.

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