Discussion of green living usually are about wind energy and solar energy.?

One of the biggest problems is jet traffic. Jets produce large amounts of green house gases in addition to the dumping of excess fuels usually over open waters. What, if anything, is being done to make air travel more environmentally friendly?
WHSGREENMOM: Perhaps it is more accurate to say the discussion in the media is on alternative energies,

4 thoughts on “Discussion of green living usually are about wind energy and solar energy.?”

  1. Excellent question. The only solution I can think of is "lower and slower". I’m hoping if improvements are made in H2 storage and combustion technology that this problem will soon be solved.

  2. People who are really green, don’t fly. For those once in a while times a "green" person has to fly, they buy carbon offsets from a place like terrapass.com, that is about the only thing that is being done to fix the problem.

  3. Good point. I doubt much.

    Reminds me of story I read on John Travolta.. a "Green" activist who regularly flies across country, many times a week. With just him on his Boeing 747. Oh sometimes, a friend..so thats 2 ppl.

  4. I’ve read about more fuel efficient jets, but I don’t know how far off they are. Even if they were available today most airlines are in financial trouble so I don’t know if they could afford to buy them.

    Because I’ve decided to live a green lifestyle I have decided to fly less. We will be taking fewer vacations and we will visit areas closer to where we live.

    I disagree that green living focuses on wind and solar energy. I consider my green living philosophy to be focused on reducing the amount of energy I use, no matter what the source. I have also switched to more earth friendly cleaning and beauty products to limit my exposure to chemicals and reduce the amount of toxins I release into the environment. I also try to buy my food as close to home, I have a wonderful organic farmers market and I plant some of my own food. I am an avid recycler and have driven a Prius for 6 years. I think those are equally important aspects of green living.

    I think one of the reasons people think going green is costly is the confusion between living a sustainable life and renewable energy. To me, renewable energy is just one aspect of being green.

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