Do green and blue go together?(clothing wise)?

Just curious. I have a blue button up shirt I am wearing tomorrow, and was going to wear my pullover with it(cuz it’s cold!), it’s green however. Didn’t know if they go together or not. I’ll have on brown shoes, a brown hat, and blue jeans if that helps. I’m obviously a guy, I have no clue what works and what doesn’t.

9 thoughts on “Do green and blue go together?(clothing wise)?”

  1. sounds nice, really.
    did you think that it went well together? usually, in the future, if you think so, then it is probably a good idea anyway, especially if you’re even putting thought into what you wear :]

  2. DUDE!
    If ur a guy, u don hafta match!
    All u hafta do is look hawt and b in da spotlight!!!

    I’m in 7th grade and i KNOW one thang bout guys.

  3. yes I wear blue and green together all the time. But I would suggest more brown/blue and brown/green.

  4. Neutral colors are colors like: Navy, brown, black, grey, and beige. Any shade. That means ANYTHING goes with them. Denim is also neutral.

    Nothing should "match" in your wardrobe, by that I mean that only little girls and old women like to "match" things. Like pink and pink, purple and purple, yellow and yellow. And only that.

    Thing should GO TOGETHER, which I’m glad you used that phrase, because people with real style can make a great outfit out of many colors and patterns. Matching is easy. Matching is juvenile.

    I don’t know what shades of blue and green your clothes are, but the browns are neutral, so they go with whatver. You will be fine wearing it regardless.

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