Do homes have to be wrapped before vinyl is put up?

My house is a modular home,on a permanent foundation, if that matters, and I noticed that under the vinyl, it is just plywood. I thought homes had to be wrapped with that plastic material, to keep out moisture and pests and wind. Also I noticed a lot of those little nails with the green plastic things on them are all over the roof, Aren’t those for the tarpaper?

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  1. Many areas require house wrap before the siding , but this is code for new constuction. Residing is not covered by this code. Also, mfg homes are not covered by local codes that way. Mfg homes are covered under federal HUD codes, which are not as strict as local site built homes.

  2. Depends on the building codes in your area. Where I build homes we are required the wrap the house in Tyvek house wrap, this creates a vapor and moisture barrier. There is usually an additionaly moisture barrier installed on the exterior walls from the inside. As I said though, this is not required everywhere, just depends on the building codes in your area. The nails with the green buttons on them are called just that, button cap nails. They are used to attach styrofoam sheathing to the walls, where regular nails would not hold it, also in some cases they are used to install the tar paper to the roof, though in most cases roofers used staples. They definately should not be used to attach the shingles to the roof.

  3. should be.the green nails are for shouldnt be seeing any of those things if the shingles are up there…

  4. all homes should be wraped, like u said it keeps out the water and wind as for the roof u should no see any nails…and does sound like the nails that hold down the tar paper….who built it? as for moble homes, they do not always follow the codes

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