Do you know of a clothing company that has gone green?


5 thoughts on “Do you know of a clothing company that has gone green?”

  1. I know a company that recycles clothing and reuses them. It’s called Goodwill. They sell awesome clothing there for cheaper bargains and prices.

  2. I went to the mall yesterday and Levi’s had a section of jeans that had organic cotton and recycled cotton jeans on sale. If they really wanted to be environmental friendly they should have made the jeans from hemp.

  3. United Colors of Benton makes green cloths…

    Could you people give it a rest with green??

    CO2 = Green, plants need CO2… FFS…

  4. I put a link to a site called better world shopper. They rank companies from A-F based on both environmental practices and social responsibility. You can use the link to find other products as well.

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