Does solar energy work with regular light bulbs?

Like if you have a solar energy ipod touch case and you want to charge it in your room, will it work with regular light bulbs?

2 thoughts on “Does solar energy work with regular light bulbs?”

  1. It depends on the wattage that it needs. A light bulb has much, MUCH less energy than direct sunlight does, but for a device like a solar powered calculator it’s enough. If you’re trying to power your whole house, a light bulb won’t be enough.

    Rather than looking up its power requirement for the ipod case and doing all of the calculations, it may be easier to just try it and see if it works.

  2. Indeed, as Jim stated, the light bulb does produce A LOT LESS energy than the sun. The solar radiation gives up to 1,000 watts per square meter, while you almost never have more than 200 watts of light bulbs in one room. And this wattage in only counted on the "electric side", not on the light side of the light bulb (typical incandescent light bulb produces only about 5% of light and 95% of heat from the electrical power).

    Charging anything using solar charger and light from incandescent bulbs or even compact fluorescent lights is not economical nor ecological by any mean!

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