Dresscue Me- The Perfect Fit

Watch Dresscue Me April 19th @ 10:30pm! | For more, visit planetgreen.discovery.com | A customer comes in looking for a green dress with champagne highlights and find ones that fits the bill!

3 thoughts on “Dresscue Me- The Perfect Fit”

  1. Interesting…after watching the whole show on TV, none of these clips give a sense of the incredibly text-book narcissistic behavior of Shareen. She is so abusive and hateful to her young employees. Wanna take a psych class? Watch the whole show. It’s difficult to watch. I’ll give her 1 season. She’ll destroy the show’s Production team.

  2. @freddiew
    “Dresscue Me” I Like “Goodwill”,”Thrifty Store” & “Army Salvation”…

    Why No Boys Allowed??
    Not Nice!!!
    You Are Fired!!
    You Understand That…
    Say Sorry Boy..

    “Thrifty Fashion Store”: I Like “Goodwill”,”Thrifty Store” & “The Army Salvation”…

    Coming Soon…

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