e² design “Affordable Green Housing”

The first 10 minutes of an episode from a PBS series that I recently edited.

2 thoughts on “e² design “Affordable Green Housing””

  1. I watched the complete documentary in class; what disappointed me is that as opposed to the other e^2 productions, this documentary didn’t really say anything. It kinda ranted about how cheap green design was good and improved communities; didn’t say how. It ranted about how diversity strengthens a community; didn’t say a single word how. If they’re gonna be informative, I prefer they actually give me information…

  2. it doesnt cost any species to do anything. currency is pretend, like the value in gold. plus, it is cheaper NOT to pay for electricity. how can green not be affordable. good to see that said ideas are becoming logical. not that we need electricity to survive at all.

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