Buying foreclosed home with green pool water? What to expect?

Im wondering what if anything should I expect wrong? We think as soon as the water is out and pressure washed, and the water treated we should be fine. Any pool contractors that have dealt with this how much have you charged?
I live in florida and not to be funny but the water is very green for all i know there may be a dead body in there…..

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  1. VirtueOfIntolerance

    Dump a bunch of bleach in there and it will take care of it. Guaranteed.
    The main thing is you need to fix the ph of the water so it is not too high or low and that will allow the bleach to work.
    There’s a website dedicated to this:
    It worked on my pool.
    You need to put the bleach in the evening to work overnight (sunlight causes clorine to dissipate)
    Also you will probably have to go through a few filters running the pump 24/7 for a while. you will need to clean or change the filter often as it will fill up with dead algae.
    i did this last summer and my pool went from dark green to sparkling crystal clear. it took about a week.

  2. Paul is right. I don’t know what climate you live in, but as soon as the weather breaks, take a clean jar, make sure all soap is rinsed from it and fill it with water out of the pool. Take that jar of water to a swimming pool dealer in your area and ask them to test it. They will test it for algae, chemicals and minerals and then they will tell you exactly what chemicals to buy to put in the pool. You can do this yourself and save a bunch of money. After the water gets cleared up, you may have to get in the pool and do a little scrubbing to get all the algae off of the liner, but the pool dealer will advise you on that too.

    You have one answer from a pool company owner there, that says he charged $400 to get it clear again. You can buy the chemicals and do it yourself for anywhere from $50-$250 depending on the size of the pool.

  3. i own a pool company and it will take more then a pressure washer to get rid of algea i have charged 400.00 dollars to turn it clear again with out doing that.easier that way.if you have any more question email me at jldailey2000@yahoo .com

  4. Nina, before you pay anybody anything, understand this from me, a pool owner. The water is green. That means algae. How green says how much algae. I’m not there. I can’t see it. But, you can get really ripped off by contractors if you don’t know what’s going on.
    I am just north of Boston. So, obviously, my outside pool is not used during the winter. If I closed it right, which I did not do this year, my 24 foot round, above ground pool will be very green come spring. Five gallons of pool shock, also known as chlorine, will turn that water clear in just a few hours. Then I will have to use a device to get the leaves off the bottom.
    You probably will have to do the same thing, or you can pay a contractor. To open up around here, I would probably pay about $150, maybe $200. Keep that in mind, because the pool is a luxury, and the prices they charge for luxury toys can knock you on your backside. But, there are other contractors that play fair, because they want your repeat business.
    If there is anyway in which I can advise you, don’t hesitate to shout at, or By the way, if you go to wierd willie, read my blog. You might enjoy. Best of luck on your new home.

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