“Eco-Fashion Tale” – ‘The Empress’ new clothes..’

This video is a modern-contemporary art version of the classic fairy tale “The Emperor’s new clothes”. The story has been altered in such way in order to communicate visually the environmental and social impacts of “Fast-Fashion” and introduce to the audience the endless opportunities in Sustainable Fashion. Specifically, this tale is the product of an insightful research on female teenagers’ consuming behavior in terms of fashion and can be used as an education tool for this market group. Hope you all enjoy it..

8 thoughts on ““Eco-Fashion Tale” – ‘The Empress’ new clothes..’”

  1. I loved it. Really gets the point across. I want all fashion to be Eco
    Eco Designer Anna Herman

  2. euxaristw Dimitri!
    Thanks for your comments, I’m glad that the “morals” of the tale are conveyed.

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