Eco Fashion Week 2011 Opening Night Runway Show (Feb 23, 2011)

Vancouver’s Eco Fashion Week 2011 Opening Night runway show was held at the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Village Salt Building in Southeast Falsecreek. The event is a sustainable, recyclable, green wearing, organic fabric clothing design show. Fashion Designers: Dahlia Drive, (zero.O.lab), Peridot Kiss and Kim Cathers. Opus Bikes Presents Tonic Lifestyle Apparel, Sofia Clothing Downtown Betty. KenDor Textiles Presents WE3, Lav & Kush, Red Jade. Zero-O-Lab, Peridot Kiss, Kim Cathers. [Fashion Video by Ray Van Eng. Music – Wayo Wayo-Summer Edition by Wellman. CC BY 3.0.]

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