ESL/EFL Vocabulary – My Clothes 1 – with Sentences

Please LIKE, SUBSCRIBE and FAVORITE to support us! 🙂 The is the 2nd of 3 videos for ELF Learning’s “My Clothes.” 12 articles of clothing or accessories are used in several different patterns: 1. My coat is green. 2. My shirt is pink. 3. My t-shirt is blue. 4. My skirt is blue. (All singular) 5. My boots are brown. 6. My mittens are red. 7. My shoes are blue. 8. My socks are green. (All plurals) 9. Rain boots on my feet. 10. Earmuffs on my ears. 11. Underpants on my HEAD?! 12. A hat on my head. (location)

11 thoughts on “ESL/EFL Vocabulary – My Clothes 1 – with Sentences”

  1. @btbtom We are teaching EFL in Japan, actually. 🙂 We have a Brit, a Canadian and 2 Americans working at our school. You have to pick one way of saying things for the kids so we settled on American English. It’s not the only right way, but it’s one. Cheers for the comments!

  2. @ColinMozart1982

    Why only British English? Perhaps, they are teaching ESL in America, like I did for many years. I wouldn’t teach “British” pronunciation to the English learners living in America, both adult and children. Very useful to me. Also, I work with an American, Australian, Irishman, and Englishman. We don’t only think one way to pronounce is the only/best way.

  3. @ColinMozart1982 Thanks for watching. It’s funny that English has so many different names and pronunciations. 🙂

  4. It’s a pity it’s U.S. English… Would be much more useful with British pronounciation…

    Anyway…good idea and good rhytm.

  5. @linzrockin Thanks! Lots more on our channel. Please have a look around. Where are you teaching? We’re in Japan.

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