Feeling Green – Building a Green Home Part 1

Episode 2: We visit a solar home built by engineer, Jon Lyle and family. This house was built from scratch with one thing in mind…Sustainability.

4 thoughts on “Feeling Green – Building a Green Home Part 1”

  1. Nice video, Check out my videos about Home Wind and Solar system intalling on the Rooftop. On Earth Day I won a green design contest for my home energy system the RoofMill. Have a look at my home wind turbine videos of installing and running Hybrid Energy Systems. Friends and Subscribers Wanted. Have a good day , Thanks, Sam

  2. @phoeniximperator you never want to paint these type of houses with anything “normal” the choice paint would be a pigmented plaster or wash with maybe a wheat paste binder.

  3. Yes. The walls feel just like concrete. In this particular house, John (the owner/builder) mixed paint in with the earth mix for the interior walls, giving it that brownish color. If you have this done, talk to your builder about mixing in color or just painting. Remember that certain colors on exterior walls could have an impact on heat absorption.

  4. phoeniximperator

    hi, i loved your video. I was wondering if it’s possible to paint on the walls using the normal house paints?

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