FRESNEL LENS SOLAR HOT WATER, Heat Solar Pool Heater Solar Swimming Pool Heater This is a large Fresnel Lens focused on a copper tube with a 12 V pump (powered by two 6 watt solar panels) with water circulating through the unit. Water, seven gallons, was raised from 63 F to 106 F in one hour. It is not super efficient as heat is lost at the open top of the glass tank. This is designed to illustrate one method of solar heating a swilling pool with a Large Fresnel Lens. TESTING HDD AQUA BLOCK.

25 thoughts on “FRESNEL LENS SOLAR HOT WATER, Heat Solar Pool Heater Solar Swimming Pool Heater”

  1. @GREENPOWERSCIENCE I like the black plastic idea too, but would that end up being something requiring periodic replacement in a the high desert where the UV can be really strong?

  2. @bashiryu Heat water to turn a turbine.Directing the beam at a boiler. A telescopes gps could be used to keep track with the sun. The heat is incredible so boiling water is easy. This will run a steam engine. This method here could heat your house with in floor heating.(much smaller that the glass tube systems).
    I just got mine out of my 52″ Panasonic floor model 1985. Can’t wait for a sunny day to melt some concrete.

  3. 30 sq. meters pool will absorb 30 kW without any heater. With your heather it will gain cca +2kW. Does it really make difference!?

  4. 3:31 look above and to the right of the copper appurattus and there is a small lizard crawling on the leaf!!

  5. wouldn’t the copper that you are focusing the Fresnel’s light on be much more effective if it were black, rather than shiny? I would think a flat black stove paint would help to absorb alot more of that light rather than reflecting alot of it. Thanks for the vids, they are very informative.

  6. thelegendbullet937

    Lol, u used a computer water pump, tubes. And even looks like maybe a GPU heatsink to do this?
    Combining Solar power with computer hardware… now you’re going RIGHT down my ally xD

  7. I think you could use natural circulation (hot water rises) along with a slightly different configuration of tank and hotbox to remove the pump from the equation. I think the basic idea is have the tank ported at two different elevations, a high and a low. Water heats up in the hotbox and exits the higher hose, which displaces colder water from the bottom of the tank into the hotbox entrance. Good enough for nuclear reactors 😉

  8. Do you have a computer program directing motors to follow the sun so I wouldn’t have to supervise the heating?

  9. @bLuDcL0T What i mean – eg. a pyrex glass with the stainless steel wool in, with an airtight top fitted to the hose – hose goes into the water you want heated – the steam would pass through the water heating it. Extremely low-tech but it would be 100% green as no other power sources would be needed. Hope you read this, and try it sometime.

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