Gaiam Green Living: How to Select Natural Pillows

Environmental lifestyle expert Danny Seo shows how easy it is to be being green and shares the creative ideas that have made him America’s leading lifestyle authority on modern, eco-friendly living. Learn how to select the right Eco friendly pillow for your lifestyle. From Gaiam’s Simple Steps to a Greener Home DVD.

25 thoughts on “Gaiam Green Living: How to Select Natural Pillows”

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  2. You greenies know that the basics for the “green movement” was started by a guy in the mid seventies who still to this day owns one of the biggest oil companies in the world and owns a company who teaches your company how to become environmentally correct. Seems like the “green movement” is really just about making “green”. $

  3. Hey Danny, mention the chemicals those pillows are dipped in the make them flame retardant. Nasty. How do we get around that?

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  5. fraleyfeinds123

    @unInnocentBystander : I’m pretty sure he is Korean, even the chinese wouldn’t destroy something they just made

  6. What a buncha losers. Who cares if he opens them?

    This is an informational video. Grow up.

  7. unInnocentBystander

    Chinese guy leaves house
    Owner comes back

  8. Industrial produced corn is horrible for the environment. Chances are that pillow being so cheap is in fact industrial corn. Do more research!

  9. @WhitestGuyYouKn0w Damn it Troll, I thought I told you not to leave the dungeon! Get off the internet and clean your room.

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