Green green grass of home [undubbed]

Second upload… Elvis recorded this song at the RCA’ Studio C in Hollywood on March 11, 1975. Master take is number 5. The overdub was made on April 8, 9 and 14 at the Quadrifonic Sound Studio, Nashville, Tennessee. This clip features the undubbed master released only on “Our memories of Elvis, vol. 2” in 1979.

25 thoughts on “Green green grass of home [undubbed]”

  1. @dmljm Oh!! yes the magnific song!! <<<<l'herbe est toujours plus verte Ă  la maison.!!Dieu que j'aime cette chanson, peu importe l'interprĂȘte!! Quant on aime son pays, on le chante

  2. doctordoolittle2800

    One of the saddest songs ever written. I’m a huge Elvis fan, but still prefer Tom Jones’ rendition of this prison death row song. Elvis lives on…

  3. Its a shame for other artists. No matter which song Elvis sings, he always sings it better than them. I love Tom Jones but when I heard this I could not help think that it was better !

  4. ElvisandCeline25

    I love his undubbed seventiessongs,I have both Our memories of Elvisalbums,this man could sing ,a legendary performer.

  5. SuperSunshine1964

    2010 He would have been 75 years old – Someone should have loved him enough to stop him!

  6. @kevwallis099
    Why would you do that? Isn’t this song about a man dying and buried in his home town? Lol!

  7. kobrajesusreturns

    I like this better then Cash’s version but it can’t touch the Statler bros. version

  8. made me cry! makes you think about how easily a precious life can be taken away, especially someone who had such an impact on people.I love you Elvis Presley x rest in paradise x

  9. have had my last elvis nite its time 2 say bye 2 this shit world of ours i will b rocking it with the king soon e u elvis

  10. Love ELVIS ALWAYS. Its a pity his so called scum friends Lamar Fike and Sonny west are not as loya to Elvis as his fans. JUDAS`S

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