Green Homes:The Green Beginnings Video (An Educational Eco-documentary) (Trailer 5:50 min.)

Learn About Green Homes with this amazing Eco-documentary & Book Set Green homes reduce global warming, lessen our dependence on oreign oil, protect and conserve natural resources, reduce electric and fuel bills by 35%, 50%, or more, create healthy indoor environments ree of dust, airborne allergens, mold, and mildew… need we say more? The Green Beginnings Video (DVD) is an incredible, unique, stand-alone eco-documentary that features the professional team – green builder, eco-architect, sustainable engineer, landscape architect, and others – who planned and built the Green Beginnings House, a LEED Silver and Energy Star Qualified home revisit and tour the project to teach viewers about green homes. The presentation is engaging and full of valuable content presented by a truly gifted cast of professionals. The Green Beginnings Video (DVD) is also a companion video with the Living Now Awards 2008 Gold medal winning book “Green Beginnings: The Story of How We Built Our Green & Sustainable Home” and the Book & DVD Green Homes Educational Set is being utilized in university and grad school classrooms, by Realtors, architectural and engineering companies, and homeowners alike. Understanding green homes empowers people to make intelligent, informed energy efficient and healthy decisions in their own homes. To learn more about this video and green homes, visit our web site.

6 thoughts on “Green Homes:The Green Beginnings Video (An Educational Eco-documentary) (Trailer 5:50 min.)”

  1. now all you gotta do is make these homes affordable for the middle class and not the rich who dont care about the earth. then we can stop global warming.

  2. 5 40 – sorry i am not intreset of real living i am intrestet in just living. I mean COMON dont be such an smart ass!

    nice work

  3. Glad you like it, hopefully you’ll check out our web sites and our book and video, and tell your friends. Our video and book are now on sale at $29.95 each.

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