Green Houses (Glass Structures for Plants) p2

Green Houses p2 “Glass Structures for Plants” This is a non-profit survey of Green Houses, or Glass Structures for Plants. Not to be confused with Homes Designed Green or Built of Ecologically-Sustainable Materials. This form of Architecture allows sunlight to penetrate glass and warm the plants inside, while keeping cool air outside. Interior fans circulate air to reduce mold and can recycle warm air. Although fans require electricity, some organic farms use solar panels to run them. x

9 thoughts on “Green Houses (Glass Structures for Plants) p2”

  1. LOL Yeah, i think about that stuff all the time too: “Be Green or F*ck Off!” “Take Care of Our Planet or Die.” lololol

  2. Sweet work all the way around. mean green, get nasty its free. a shirt idea for you.hehehe

  3. Most of these images are from a study I did of high-tech green houses. I am still gathering my low-tech photos of local green houses and hoop houses that are not as expensive.

  4. That radiant under the slab would be pretty slick attached to a heat pump and geothermal loop.

  5. Yeah Greyhood, these high-tech kits are for corporate driven players. We are the cats that do it low-budget and low-tech! We can use Reused Wood, Natural Masonry, Iron parts, and Glass combinations as long as its structurally safe. Zoning can be a bitch, depending on the people involved and the drawing proposals needed. These green houses are like Commercial Hybrids, but Organic green houses are like hiking or riding horses.

  6. a greenhouse sure would be handy. those seem pretty high-tech and complicated.

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