Green Modular Building Installation Living Homes Modtech How fast can a house go? This 4000 sq ft modular green home contains 5 bedrooms and 4 full bathrooms and was installed on a steep hillside in only 2 days! This video covers the installation of the house in the hills of Los Angeles, California. The project qualified for LEED Gold Standard and included numerous interior Green features such as recycled glass bathroom countertops, LED lights that consume less energy than conventional light bulbs, bamboo flooring, low-maintenance ecological kitchen cabinetry and an environmentally friendly washer/dryer system that uses less water and energy. Other green features include 4 kw roof mounted photovoltaic array, windows and doors constructed with recycled glass and aluminum, soy based open cell expanding insulation and redwood siding reclaimed from old military barracks. The modular building process itself reduced the construction time significantly and also provided a variety of green benefits: reduction of waste sent to landfill, lower raw material waste due to weather damage prevention, decreased traffic & pollution caused by labor force traveling to site.

4 thoughts on “Green Modular Building Installation Living Homes Modtech”

  1. Money! Seems like the secret to everything. I really love the design, I just wish it costs less to build. It IS recycled material, after all.

  2. RickRossMaybachMusic

    Reminds me of living in a trailer park… Don’t like the design, although the fact that it’s built in just 2 days seems incredible.

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