green mold growing on the outside of homes?

help both homes and one other has this there our neighbors and we would love to sell our home although with the mold all over there homes buyers will b scared off what could we do what causes this ty

3 thoughts on “green mold growing on the outside of homes?”

  1. I’ve found that dishwashing detergent, a long handle brush and rinse well works best.

  2. had this problem to but only on the north side of the house. luckily i have siding so a hose with soap (tide detergent) and a scrub brush took it off. depending on what the home is made of, ie. brick, stucco, siding, have you tried a pressure washer, or simply taking a scrub brush and hose to it but, start from the top and work your way down.

  3. Whether it is really mold or algae, you will need to remove it and prohibit further growth. Check first to see what is feeding its growth, which is usually a sprinkler, improper drainage or other source of moisture. You will have to correct that problem first and then remove the growth. You can use a mild bleach solution in a spray bottle or pressure washer or you can use a mold and algae remover and inhibitor like Damp Rid or Fountain Tech. If the surface is stucco, concrete, slump block or porous, use a wire brush to make certain that you get all of the spores out of the surface because they will only regrow with the introduction of moisture. If the surface is wood, make certain that the mold has not permeated into the wood because it will only resurface if you do not kill all of the spores. You may wish to repaint the surface with a mildew and mold resistant paint.

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