Green Tip: How to Bike to Work (without all the sweat)

So you want to bike to work but you don’t want to show up all sweaty? Here are some tips to keep you looking and smelling fresh… For more green tips visit

18 thoughts on “Green Tip: How to Bike to Work (without all the sweat)”

  1. Just in case you happens to put your head through the rear windshield of a taxi that suddenly stops in front of you.

    I would have gotten more that seven stitches in my face if i hadn’t worn my helmet that day.

  2. I agree! When I first started riding my bike to work a couple months ago, I would put my groceries in my backpack, but it started putting strain on me. I bought a basket to put on the front of my bike and love it! In addition to this, I have lost 25 pounds since I started riding my bike. Only 140 more to go! HA! 😀

  3. My biggest tips:
    –Get a rack, basket or panniers. Letting your bike rather than your back carry your bag for you saves you energy and avoids the back-sweat problems of backpacks and messenger bags. I use a messenger bag but always put it in my pannier when riding.

    –Slow down! It’s not necessary to go full speed every time you’re on a bike. Going at a more modest pace shouldn’t produce more sweat than walking normally.

  4. fullmetalcornflake

    Great Job! I usually keep a full set of clothes in my backpack to change into (I don’t have panniers yet, so my backpack will have to suffice until it falls apart). I have found that dresses are alot easier to roll up and pack.

    Also, if you want to avoid tangly hair from riding, invest in a bottle or two of detangler to keep in your desk at work. I swear by mine.

    I didn’t think of wearing a bandana to avoid helmet head but I did cut some bangs and they sure help…

  5. Awesome Dorothee! I’m going to pass this along to all the doctors who bike to work at SFGH (even though there’s a shower here, lol) — you’re amazing!

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