How can I create experiment to light a simple light bulb with solar energy?

I dont want to buy any expensive parts…….

What is the most simple and basic and low cost gizmo that I can create from scratch where I use solar energy to power a light bulb and be able to store the power in a battery to be used on demand?

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  1. hi friend

    i had made a solar cell from scrap or inexpensive things it is very easy . u can also make it from the following link :

    go on this website it gives the clear method of preparing solar cell.

    u cannot lit very big bulbs but tiny decoration bulbs could be lighted by this solar cell.

    there is one more method of making solar cell it is on following site but i think it is little tedious……

    try any method u find simple. keep saving nature.

  2. Tough because you do not want to spend much but buy a cheap solar cell off ebay maybe £2.00 & a Rechargeable AA size battery maybe £2.00, your need a cheap diode to prevent the solar cell draining the battery in night.

  3. 1 low voltage bulb (1 1/2V)
    1 low voltage diode (10V PRV)
    1 battery, rechargeable (1 1/2 V)
    1 low voltage switch (SPST)
    1 solar cell (1 1/2V)
    Hook up wire.

    Solar cell to diode to battery to solar cell.
    Battery to switch to bulb to battery.

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