How could i find a sponsor to invest on solar energy?

I have finalized some inventions in the field of hydrogen and solar energy. I have made many connections to demonstrate them, but because of very poor investment on research in my region there is the least chance to find a sponsor. Do you know someone, some company or organization to be interested in the matter?
The fact is that i have also contacted some universities, but since my prior education is not related to this field (mining engineering), they can not accept me.
At the time being I am working on the patents.

3 thoughts on “How could i find a sponsor to invest on solar energy?”

  1. I think finding a sponsor is relative to the economy you are in. In Nigeria, we need more people like you because we have abundant solar energy and our electricity supply is poor.

    You can contact me if you are ready to partner with me on this one. I’ll get the funding and you’ll provide the expertise.

  2. i work for appalachian energy. we provide solar, wind, andhydro power. go to

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