how do i clean off green algae off the outside of my house?

i have green alage growning on my home.. and i also have tree frogs that live behind the shutters on my home,,, how can i get rid of the algae without hurting the tree frogs?

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  1. Power wash but bleach and too much of any other chemical will/can kill the grass and other vegetation around the home.

  2. Clorox outdoor – home depot
    drain opener – 100 % lye in solution – mix w ice water it will get hot
    after cooling mix together ( no reaction) mix well, put in hose end sprayer & spray on pre-wetted wall. eats off green & chalked paint

    step 2 – pick up dying/dead frogs

  3. Tree frogs will runnnnn??? no! Jump! at loud noises so be loud first. Then you can use either bleach or a hydrogen peroxide product called ZEROTOL, or another one called GREENSHIELD. Bleach is the easiest to come by, but the other two can be purchases at a Greenhouse Supply store.
    The other two are less damaging to the environment, and I think some one mentioned SIMPLE GREEN, well I have used it to kill the smell of a house fire before I repainted! It worked for that, so who knows what other MAGIC PROPERTIES it has!

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