How do I create solar energy for myself and use it?

Ok so here’s the thing, I want to make my own solar energy. I’m not saying huge amounts that can power my house, I just want enough that I could, I don’t know charge a battery. I also would like to learn how to make solar energy for things like flashlights I make myself. I need to know how to hook the solar power up as a power source. Thank you for all your help and website links would also be appreciated.

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  1. You cannot create or make solar energy, it comes from the sun.

    start out by reading the references.

  2. Chandramohan P.R

    Energy can neither be created nor destroyed.What you can do is to collect Solar energy and use it for your needs.
    You have to buy Solar cells which converts Sun light into electrical power.
    Search Google to find out who sells photovoltic cells in USA

  3. Well, it’s true that PV cells are by far the most efficient, portable, and easiest way to capture solar energy, there is at least one more. Before the 20th century began, Nikola Tesla invented a machine that would use sunlight to heat water into steam. It was basically an array of finely tuned mirrors aimed at a tube filled with water. This method is still used today for solar power stations, except oil is used instead of water, and steam is created through the use of an oil to water heat exchanger (intercooler). This is the best way for large-scale stationary facilities, but since the mirrors have to follow the sun exactly, it requites constant attention.

    Just something you may want to think about incase the hight price of solar panels turns you away, and you don’t want to steal them from weather stations.

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