How do I go about a “green living”?

I admit I havent been into the "green" lifestyle. I would like to try and be a more environmentally friendly person. How would I go about starting? Any tips or advice?

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  1. It’s sort of like how do I go about being ‘cool’ in high school. Green living is an expression of involvement in a socio-political lifestyle. It’s putting on a certain set of noticeably similar to other green people characteristics so you can discriminate against and feel superior to those that don’t have them. I always figure the ‘coolest’ people are the ones who don’t respect the concept of ‘cool’. So what I would advise is find a way to really save energy and pollute less without feeling the need to join any particular group.

    Now if you ask what can you do to save energy and pollute less realistically then I would advise using LED lights. LED lights use less energy and last longer than other lights. Although they cost more up front they eventually save money because of the lower energy use and less replacements. They don’t have mercury like CFL lights, but they do have better lighting characteristics like lenses that control the light. Lighting represents a significant portion of our energy use and LED lights can make a difference.

  2. It can be hard to "go green" especially if you aren’t in a city that isn’t up to date w/ environmental issues…There is a great website that has easy-to-do tips, which is perfect for those starting out. It has helpful tips and advice and once you start, you can’t stop =) here’s a link: Hope you like it and I hope you find some great tips…and pass it on if you find it helpful =)

  3. There’s a lot of area to start in.I started by converting my entire house to eco-friendly prodcts once I found out the toxins that were in them, even the babies shampoo, this alone helps me to sleep better at night considering our air inside is worse than outside. Reduce, reuse, and recycle, this will keep you busy enough. keep it up, don’t stop, there are several easy habits to get into.

  4. You can…

    Use compact fluorescent lamp (CFL) light bulbs.
    Unplug your appliances when they’re not in use.
    Whenever possible, walk or ride your bike.
    Bring your own cloth bag for grocery shopping

    more information you’ll find at

  5. littlerobbergirl

    the two biggest areas of energy use are home heating and transport.
    so, insulate your home (this will save you money too), and
    reduce your gas consumption (ditto), by getting a less thirsty car (mine does 55mpg and looks beautiful, being french), and/or using the car less and public transport, bike etc more.
    oh, and dont fly! take the train or bus instead.

    also, the diet thing hepls and is easy to do; cut out anything flown in, look for local grown stuff wherever possible (its generally nicer too, and helps your local economy), and replace some of your beef dinners with chicken or pork.

    all that sounds a bit puritan, but you dont have to do it all, and certainly not all at once! its up to you to mix and match, to decide how much you want to cut back, then you can choose what to spend your ‘carbon allowance’ on.

  6. you should start out by switching to green power.if thats to much then start by disconnecting all of the extra clocks and appliances like dvd players radios irons video game systems etc. its easy.

    its not really about going tofu….

  7. Ok ok, you can go ahead and eat veggie burgers and tofu, but please don’t drive a Prius! Seriously they look like big Japanese cartoon characters on wheels

  8. For me it started with awareness. I’ve always been into energy conservation and taking care of nature, I’ve recycled since the 70’s, but that was as far as I had gone. I got invovled with the Earth Club at my sons school and started looking for more information. I read "The Green Book" and was amazed at how many things I did without thinking that was harming the environment. I started making changes and have saved a lot of money, reduced the amount of harmful chemicals in my life and eat healthier. I believe in a green, greener, greenest approach. There are many things to consider and sometimes you just aren’t ready to make drastic changes, so just doing better can be a way to start.

    I also believe we vote with our wallets, when you have to buy something buying from a company that uses sustainable or non toxic practices takes money away from the toxic manufacturers and helps the companies trying to do the right thing. I like the websites and to find links to eco friendly retailers. I’m not saying you need to go out and buy green products the most important principal of a green lifestyle is reduce. Think about things before you buy them, do you need them or just want them. Before you go out and buy new clothes try this, decide what a reasonable number of shirts, pants etc is then count what you have, chances are good you have a lot more than you think you need. If you really feel like you need to refresh your wardrobe throw a swap party, go through your closet and find things that you never wear, invite a few freinds to do the same, have them bring their unwanted items and trade items. You could wind up with a whole new wardrobe without spending a dime. Then make a commitment to never buy an article of clothing without trying it on first.

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