How do solar panels and solar energy connect?

Does the solar energy hit the solar panels and creates electricity.. or what ?
Where can you put solar panels ?

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  1. Most solar cells are made of a form of silicon. There are two types of colors – the blue type and the red type. Blue cells are made as thin discs or squares. The red cells are coated onto glass as a thin film. When sunlight shines onto the surface of the silicon, electricity is generated by “Photovoltaic Effect” process.

  2. To put it really simply, this is basically what happens. Electricity is made up of electrons (duh). You also probably know that everything you see around you is made up of atoms, and atoms all have electrons.

    This means that technically everything has some electricity to it.

    Just like electricity is made up of electrons, light is made up of tiny particles called photons.

    In solar panels the photons from the light hits the electrons of the atoms and knocks them loose to get electricity.

    Solar panels can go anywhere as long they’re exposed to the sun light. Usually they go high up on whatever you wanna power. Like the roof of a house.

  3. no awesome without me

    You can put solar panels about anywhere, but try to have it near where you want the power to go.
    The sun hits the solar panels and that makes hear energy which is converted into whatever knid you need.

    I think

  4. solar panels take the energy from the sun’s light which is more intense than say a light bulb and using the chemical properties of (i believe it is a silicon and carbon based material) the material to transform the light(but not heat) into electrical energy. It can only use very specific wavelengths which is why solar cells are nowhere near efficient. oo i forgot the second part it is best to put still standing cells to where they will receive light the majority of the day (especially the early afternoon) and it is as direct as possible. as far as industrial type cells they are mounted on platforms which turn them as the sun moves across the sky so that they receive the most direct possible light

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