How efficiently do plants use solar energy when compared to solar panels?

How does the amount of chemical energy stored in plants compare to the electrical energy stored by solar panel/batteries?

3 thoughts on “How efficiently do plants use solar energy when compared to solar panels?”

  1. plants produce glucose as their fuel source from photosynthesis. Its a different concept I think. They actually use the co2 in the air, solar panels collect photons.

  2. pao d historian

    i think they are almost the same because photosynthesis in plants occurs when there is only sunlight as well as the solar panels when there is only light. the good thing maybe in plants is that they were able to use and use the energy they get into valuable ones, not like solar panels, it is only used when needed. that is just my point of view.

    Have a nice day!

  3. Most plants are around 1% efficient at turning sunlight into a useful form of energy it can use. Bamboo is probably somewhat higher. Solar panels are somewhere around 20% efficient now I think. Trees are much cheaper to use for collecting solar energy if you have the land area though.

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