How is the good way to motivate other people to keep on green living, and tell them why it is crucial?

That’s just what I wanna ask, please share with me, what your idea(s) is, thanks..

8 thoughts on “How is the good way to motivate other people to keep on green living, and tell them why it is crucial?”

  1. It’s in the timing. The easiest way is to share your motivation when they are ready and when they ask. The old saying applies here. You can lead a camel to the water, but you can’t force it to drink.

  2. I think the safe way would be to keep your commie, liberal, dirty hippie fantasies to yourself.

  3. talk, talk, talk, the more you educate people the more they think of what they can do. Lead by example. Get peoples attention by talking about how much money they can save. If they reduce there "vampire electric" they could save on there electric bills. I save an extra 25 a month thats 300 a year just by unplugging unused appliances and turning off lights. I guess my grandma was on to something, "turn off the LIGHT!!" Don’t stop educate yourself and spread the word. earth 911 and tree hugger are great web sites. I am with you on this I am also trying to help my community "go green"

  4. u should pick up some topic and Create a play and invite the people to watch that and remember one thing it should not be boring, add some comedy and emotional stuff so that it would be get into their mind clearly, if u have some good painter then make some catchy poster and spread ur msg.

    make group of member and bring up the new idea to aware people about it ,…………….. i m’ glad that there r some people who r concerned about it,……………………….. it is a very good topic that everyone should think of it two star for it from me

    remeber one thing it is not one time process and u have to work for it again and again

  5. Consider using on-line energy calculators to show what savings people are missing out on every year. I have designed 6 on-line calculators for lighting, appliances, computers, hot water, solar power and electric cars. Efficiency can be good for the wallet and the environment.

    To really show energy efficiency invest in either a power point meter ($30) or an building power meter ($100). You can see savings in real time when switching appliances on and off.

  6. alwaysundersiege

    I think people realize that its critical. Its a more a matter of being a hassle/inconvenience than any other reason.

    Sure switching to low energy bulbs would be great, but the current ones aren’t broken! They’re also slightly more expensive. That goes for anything built to be more green. You need extra dough up front to cover the cost.

    Recycling takes a lot of effort. You have to sort, sort, sort.

    Reducing clutter is another task most consumers find difficult to do. Especially in a world where everything is so cheap for some people that its easier to dispose of and get a new one than to maintain.

  7. Its not really that important, besides going green is expensive and i cant afford it right now.

  8. Lead by example. I have influenced many friends and family to begin to make changes that are better for the earth. We have a great opportunity with the economy taking a downturn. Since the 1st of the 3 R’s is reduce, that is the easiest and saves people money. I begin by listening and try to find little changes people can make that will benefit them directly. If they have health concerns I talk about natural or non toxic cleaning products and beauty products. If they have children I share the information on the hazards of the flame retardants on clothing and bedding and how they can save money and provide better nutrition with a waste free lunch. If they have had their income drop I talk about energy conservation, reducing food waste, eating a local diet and reducing meat consumption, all are good for the earth and save money. If they are buying a new car and think that a hybrid costs more than a conventional, I talk about ways mine has saved me money, changing the oil every 7500 miles vs 3000, in CA no smog check required, some banks give lower rates for fuel efficient cars, saving money on gas, fewer maintenance costs, cheaper tires, the fact that I still love my car after 6 years and it has maintained much of it’s resale value. There are a million things you can share with someone, but if you aren’t a livining example of how to go green and maintain a quality lifestyle you should focus on yourself first. Get to know your audiance, and don’t force feed them or tell them they are bad or wrong. I also never talk about climate change, I believe pollution and limited resources are a much greater threat.

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