How much money would it cost if we used solar energy and kinetic energy to supply the united states?

I need to know how much money it would cost to supply the entire united states with kinetic, wind, solar, and hydro-electric energy THANKS!!!! 🙂

5 thoughts on “How much money would it cost if we used solar energy and kinetic energy to supply the united states?”

  1. It would cost significantly more than we can afford.

    They are completely impractical at this point in time.

    The crazy democrats are trying to get rid of Coal which is almost 50% of our total energy with no viable sources to replace them.

    It is stupid really.

    We need Nuclear.

  2. Take the total of kilowatt hours consumed and divide that into the potential limits of each of possible generating systems to determine how many of each is needed and then multiply that number by cost per unit and you will have your answer. It has to be less expensive to develop wind and solar generation points that consume no fuel vs conventional systems that constantly need fuel to be supplied to them. Large scale hydro dams are too costly to build and unsafe over the long term for usage. Another possible hydro solution would be to use hydra ram pumps to pump sea water just off the coast to the tops of the nearest mountain range and then let it flow back to the sea through a turbine generator using stainless steel pipes, valves, and pumps. It can be turned off easily for maintenance and even with stainless steel it would be only a fraction of the cost of building a dam,and have no massive bodies of water with potential of flooding and lethal flow present.

  3. That almost an impossible question to answer
    Germany is so far ahead of the U.S.
    Look at them and it will give a good idea…click…the …link

  4. Concentrating solar energy collectors with liquid salt heat storage for nights and cloudy days would need to cover about a 100 mile square area in a desert location to power the entire US including transportation. The total estimate for that to be built is around 10-12 trillion $$. If you figure we buy 100 billion $$ worth of oil each year from foreign countries, spent upwards of $1 trillion on a useless war in a region rich in oil (don’t tell me oil had nothing to do with our being there, I don’t believe that) and will spend another $1 trillion paying for the health care of those wounded in that war, made enough enemies so we will have to spend another $1 trillion over the next few years fighting the muslims in the mideast and destroying our environment while making millions sick at a huge cost to the economy by continuing to burn coal I think $10 trillion would be a pretty good bargain.

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