How to have a green home?

I have a teenager and a pre-teen and an 8 month old. How can I help the environment and go green around the house?

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  1. By cloth reusable grocery bags. If you can afford it, install solar panels or a windmil. I don’t know about changing to the new light bulbs. They can be hazardous because if their mercury content. There are lots of living green, going green web site on the net.

  2. Hi I know that I’m 12 or whatever but I know of a few ways to go green.
    – You could get those fluorescent light bulbs
    – Recycle and take to a recyclying plant
    – You could use solar lights around the house for the outside
    – Use home cleaning products that have the go green sign on them
    -When shopping do not use paper or plastic use reusable canvas bags
    -Adjust fridge and freezer temps they eat up most of the electricity in the home
    -You can also use bamboo furniture to help out the enviroment because bamboo grows back faster than wood and is sometimes stronger

  3. recycle bins are the way to go. simple and inexpensive, but effective. energy star appliances are great too. i use the green works from clorox for cleaning. keep your thermostats as low as possible. turn lights and water off when not in use. unplug anything you can whenever you can because energy is still used even when idle. use bed linens and towels made of 100% organic cotton. try to buy decorations from recycled materials. and have decorations made from post consumer material. aviod plastic. use reusable dishes. instead of buying new furniture buy second hand and fix it up with some environmentally safe paint. that’s all i have for now.

  4. sameoldgirrrl

    start using "green works" cleaners for everything in your house…it will make everything clean and also better air quality and instead of your housing smelling like chemicals it will smell CLEAN! get air purifiers for your home to keep the air clean and healthy. use plastic containers labeled with a number 4-7 on the bottom, not using the 0-3 ones. they aren’t good for you cause they such a low quality plastic. Try buying organic cotton clothing. Recycle plastics and aluminum, use reusable shopping bags instead of plastic ones. use the "squiggly" light bulbs…they last longer and save money. also get a water softener or HE (high efficiency) appliances to save money on your water bill cause you need less water and detergent that way! there are sooo many things you can do…but there are some suggestions! good luck!

  5. Well first off you can change all your light bulbs to the energy efficient ones, they are just as bright as the regular ones, and will save you a ton of money on your bill! Also recycle recycle recycle, junk mail, everything. Explaining to your kids the importance of not wasting water is also important.. there’s no need to leave the water running while brushing teeth, etc… Good Luck!

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