How to Install Solar Panels : Solar Energy System Sizes

Running an entire house on solar energy requires quite a few panels. Learn about solar energy system sizes from a professional in this free energy conservation video. Expert: Roger Bacon Bio: Roger Bacon is the owner of RGB Home Repair and Renovation in Santa Barbara California. He has experience in all phases of home repair and renovations such as plumbing, heating and solar power. Filmmaker: Diana Bacon

15 thoughts on “How to Install Solar Panels : Solar Energy System Sizes”

  1. I always oh itll take you 20 years to pay for its self. the difference is there yours and your producing your own. It take till 2 to 3 weeks after your dead to pay off the power co. because it takes that long to get a death cert. and they wont take your word their dead so give the independence of producing my own power on my terms fuck the power co.

  2. @flamemange9
    exactly what he wants you to do! because then you will buy his investments and make him a frigging billionaire!
    and all over a global warming scam.

  3. i read that the cheaper chinese panels don’t match up in quality and that they don’t last as long. but hey, at over 50% reduction in price….sounds good. lol

  4. I’m going to buy a Kyocera 135 watt solar panel, a 20v charge controller, and three 6 volt deep cycle batteries to run my camper trailer while I’m building our house. Al Gore can shove his cap and trade electric power tax hike up his ass.. I’m going totally off-grid.

  5. so, you will spend 5k dollars to run your laptop and few lights? thats just stupid, my laptop uses like 30 watts of power (when charging), and lets say each bulb is 11-20 watts, it will take you 20 years to pay off that….

  6. So Four 12 volt batteries to get your inverter to do 48 volts to work, then you are going to have to get a solar charger to charge your batteries, then wire them + -to + – all four batteries to keep it 12 volt and a second wire to go + to _ to +- on all the batteries to get 48 volts to the inverter. Hope this helps!

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  8. Im sick of competeing aginst these low cost experts sure he makes it look easy but his install looks like crap and his methods are all F@#$ up. I have learned how to benifit from this video and others like it . I just show it to them so they know what not to do! So I guess I should thank this guy………………Thanks Hippy solar guy!

  9. I would like to install my own solar panels for my house I would like to know where I could by kit and instructions on how to install them. That it could take care of my hole house.

  10. i have got 2. 80 w 12v panels but have got 48v inverter do i get one more 80w panel ?????

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