How to Make Solar Power | Slash Your Electric Bill by 75%! How to Make Solar Power | 7 reasons why YOU NEED home made energy 1. You will save hundreds of dollars a month… and thousands of dollars a year… for the rest of your life… 2. You will help our environment and maybe more and more people will follow us in supporting the future of Earth… 3. You will have a lot of fun in building your own power systems. You can do it with your close friends and family during a week-end and everyone will enjoy it… 4. You will be able to go completely off-grid if you want, knowing that rising energy prices will not affect you… 5. You will be able to make the electricity company pay you, because the surplus of what you produce will make the meter go the other way, in case you want to stay on-grid… http 6. You will be able to protect your pocket book during these recession times and spend money on more important things… 7. You will feel very good because you know you’ve done something great and you will have the wisdom to be part of the solution, not the problem… Ready to make YOUR OWN energy? Visit my YouTube channel here

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