How to shop for organic clothing – Organic clothes lines How to shop for organic clothing – Organic clothes lines Looking for a way to be greener and live with less exposure to chemicals in your life? Look no further than your closet, says the Small Planet Institute’s Anna Lappe. Clothing made with organically grown fiber…

6 thoughts on “How to shop for organic clothing – Organic clothes lines”

  1. If you’re interested in organic clothing at affordable prices and custom designs go check out. You can even design your shirts on the site!

  2. coolgreenattitude

    Very informative video.

    There are more brands than ever now who offer organic clothes at affordable prices in line with everyday conventionally grown cotton high street store prices.

    Check out the offers and deals available in online stores by carrying out a Google search for the organic clothes you are interested in and compare for yourself. You could pick up some real high quality bargains!

  3. I can’t afford to buy organics, exclusively. Most of my money already goes to organic/natural foods/farmer’s markets.
    I was lucky enough to receive about 20 pairs of jeans that my mother-in-law kept in storage for years. She didn’t want them any more and now I have jeans to last me forever or just until I gain weight. lol

  4. LadyofTheSummer

    It great that they mentioned alternatives for the expensive organic clothing. Not every can afford organic clothing and reusing clothing is just as good for the environment as buying organic new ones.

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