How to Solar Power Your Home / House #1 – On Grid vs Off Grid

In this video I go through the components that are part of a solar power solution. I explain the differences between On-grid vs. off grid. ——————— Click “Show more” ——————————- My website and forum:- Donations and contributions My techie channel MJLorton – Solar Power and Electronic Measurement Equipment – http My Techie Amazon Store: My other channel VBlogMag – For almost any topic under the sun! – My VBlogMag Amazon Store: ———————————————————————– Thanks to Exsolar for the work on the solar installation – Other equipment used or mentioned in this video: * Solar panels: Tenesol Total Energy – TE250-60M+ – 250 watt monocrystalline * Outback FlexMax 60 MPPT solar charger * The solar array will be 2250 watts (9x 250 watt mono crystalline panels) * The battery bank will be 8 x 150 Ah lead crystal batteries. * A Victron Energy Quattro inverter * A Victron Energy Grid tie inverter * A Victron Energy battery monitor * DC to DC converter * Micro inverters * Eskom power and cost of energy * Reduce energy bill / costs * Eskom solar pre-paid electricity / energy meter * Renewable energy In this series on how to Solar Power Your Home: * What is “the Grid” – On Grid vs. Off Grid? * What is the best type of solar panel to install? * Do I need a battery bank….what battery technology should I use? * A

16 thoughts on “How to Solar Power Your Home / House #1 – On Grid vs Off Grid”

  1. I’ve run my 350 watt drill of the car with a 600watt inverter a few times I just brought one 120ah rechargable battery 300$ need5 more for a nicer of grid setup not cheep

  2. I’d say if you got some car batterys for free ones that would hold any charge and some cheep solar pannels damaged ones that still work and a pwm charge controler they are cheaper than mppt the biggest cost here would be an inverter wouldn’t matter how long it went for its all free power ?

  3. Hi watt type of inverter is the blue one in the on grid setup is it the same as the red one thanks

  4. Not heard of them before. Had a quick look at it looks interesting…thanks for bring it to my attention.

  5. My pleasure. No car batteries are not good for solar. They are not designed to have a large capacity removed from them.

  6. Why does this seem like the obvious decision yet people have skepticism? How do You motivate someone to actually care to make this difference rather than be part of the heard, as my coach would say ha. It just seems as tho solar/natural resources in general have been around for awhile so why hasn’t the word of mouth gone viral like so much other information processed in this world? Or whats the next step to showing the world and breaking skepticism? Thanks for any response!

  7. AMAZING video series. Thank you, Martin. Just bought a house where summer temps exceed 38 C. Looking to capture some of that solar power once the mortgage is paid down a bit. Two questions for short term:
    1. Can I run the cold inlet of the propane geyser through a flat solar heater?
    2. Is it feasible to set up a DC supply in the house of solar charged batteries to power LEDs, mobile chargers, and misc. entertainment that use transformers to convert AC to DC to save on those losses?

  8. have you looked into the power optimizers provided by the company named Solar Edge, these power optimizers allow you to use a grid tie inverter while gaining the benefits of using a micro inverter

  9. now just wondering whats up with your power strips in the back ground i noticed you have a 2 conductor and then a 3 conductor in the same power strip is one for 110v and the other 220v? in the same power strip

  10. Solar Power Videos
    This is my channel. Thanks for the interest, let me know what you think!

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