How to use solar energy for cooking?

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I have a basic question . For office goers like me , break fast and lunch must be ready by 7 AM. So if i have to cook using solar cookers , i can do it only at noon . Is there any other energy efficient device which uses solar power for cooking where in energy can be stored in the batteries or else suggest some other way of cooking using green energy , this is one of my attempts to go green 🙂

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  1. One idea is to just eat foods that require no cooking in the morning. A cheese sandwich would be an example. A banana or other fruit.

    If someone will be at the cooker during the day, it may be possible to create a hot box with thermal mass, and insulate it overnight. The key is that someone must be there to shut the insulated lid late in the afternoon. You could then put food that was cooked the previous day in it for warming in the morning.

  2. A pane of glass, a piece of plywood, a tire innertube, and a covered black metal pot- throw together a rice dinner and add the water once you have it set up. By noon a hot meal.

    Short of a gas stove, the energy required to even raise a quart of water to boiling is not going to be portable unless you use a small fueled stove.

    There are some alcohol stoves out there, most for the extreme campers who pack next to nothing and go out for weeks at a time. ""Penny Stove" is one.

    Then there is the "Rocket Stove" staple of the third world misionary

  3. On cloudy days and nights, the energy that we could get from the sun will reduce or eliminate. In regards to this, this impacts the amount of electricity or heat that you will be using. Presently there are several methods on how to restore solar energy depending whether you are using solar electricity or solar heating. When you’re using the solar electricity, by the use of photovoltaic solar power system, you can use two main methods which is by battery banks and Grid Inter – Tie. As for solar space heating you’ll use thermal mass and water tanks.

    Hopefully this helps.

  4. There are many conditions the use of solar energy, 1, first make sure the area you live have plenty of sunshine and sunshine intensity, not all places can use solar energy stoves.
    2, buy a good solar stove, his theory is basically a concave mirror condenser principle, so the condenser, the stronger the better
    With these two basic solar cookers can be used, the specific operation of the product will be introduced with a very detailed book

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