How To Wear Green on St. Patrick’s Day!

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23 thoughts on “How To Wear Green on St. Patrick’s Day!”

  1. just bought green super high wedges – feel so Irish 😉 – when will the loveclothing discount code be available? I always feel inspired to buy stuff after watching your style tutorials! 🙂

  2. why is everyone calling it st pattys day..?…. i thought its called st paddys day =/….

  3. claraluvsgisele

    Will def try this. I don’t like mushrooms so what would be a good substitution?

  4. When is st. Party’s day? Because if it tommrow I don’t wanna pinched at school:P !!! Someone please tell me:)

  5. Very pretty Anna! You have such pretty style! Can people with dark brunette hair/very fair skin wear neutrals and do you recommend it? The reason I ask is because everyone tells me to wear color, I need color and I don’t feel comfortable in loud colors!

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