I am a mother of 5 childeren,..I just bought the book raising baby green. What are your living green secrets?

I’d like your favorite suggestions…I try my best but sometimes with a busy household I slip up.

5 thoughts on “I am a mother of 5 childeren,..I just bought the book raising baby green. What are your living green secrets?”

  1. Hello

    1.Use Cotton Clothes as Diaper.

    2.Keep your House Neat & Clean

    3.Check & Remove all Pins/Metal clips/Plastic Caps/Balloons etc.

    4.Hand Neem Leaves ( Small Bunch in corner of Room)
    ( it will control bad smell/Against Muskitoes/Bugs Ready)

    5.Give Ayurvedi Extract with Tulsi Leaves/Coriander Powder with Jaggery. Good for Stomach and Health

    6.Take regular Injection/Medical Check up/Weight Check-up.

    for more details


  2. * Cloth diapers like what my mom used on me and my siblings.
    * Recycle all baby food containers
    * Use your reusable plastic/canvas bags when grocery shopping.
    * Minimize paper towels by using washable cloths as often as possible.
    * cloth dinner napkins
    * Also, teach how bad fast foods really are…health-wise and earth-wise. Why styrofoam should not be used, etc.
    * Watch "An Unconvenient Truth" with them.
    * Get your kids involved in the plastic & glass bottle, cans recycling program. They will learn the importance of being green and accounting basics when they cash-in all those recyclables.

  3. Hi,

    It’s great that you’re taking this important step to take care of your family and the environment that they’re growing up in. I’ve started a website called http://www.organic-home-online.com that is designed to help people get started living green. I hope you’ll check it out. Lots of tips on little things you can do around your home to be "greener".

    Healthy Mom

  4. **leap of faith**

    always unplug any electrical items you arent using at that moment, use flourescent lightbulbs, turn off the water when you shave and let the conditioner in your hair sink in, turn off water while brushing your teeth, washing your face etc, dont use plastic bags at the grocery store, re-use brown bags for the groceries!!

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