I have been seeing my guy for 6 months he asked me to marry him.upon washing his clothing i found a green card?

should i stick with my yes answer????

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  1. So did he ever tell you he was a citizen? He may have immigrated as a child and lived in the US most of his life without being a citizen. Ask him about it.

  2. If he has a green card already that means he is here legally. No problem. He is just like anyone else. He isn’t trying to use you to get into the USA. He is here legally already.

    You may want to ask him to speak to you about the difficulties he went through to get his immigration. But overall, there is no reason not to marry a legal immigrant if you love him.

  3. did he tell you that he was a citizen?
    if yes then he lied.
    so do you want to marry a liar?

    if he said he was a GC holder, then if you marry him, (assuming you are not an american) YOUR processing will take a LONG time – possibly as much as 5 or 6 years.

    Its easier to wait for him to become a citizen and then your processing will be done more quickly. (if you are not an american)

    If you are an American citizen then he cannot marry you JUST to get his citizenship more quickly – it does not work that way.
    If he was single when he got his green card, then he MUST STILL wait for 5 years before he can apply for citizenship – EVEN if he gets married during that time.

    Being eligible in 3 years for citizenship applies ONLY to those who were already married to citizens at the time their green card was issued.

  4. whats the problem here, did u think that he was a citizen? Are u the one in need of a green card? If so if u marry him it will take a much longer time, and why else would you want to marry someone only after dating for 6 months

  5. Education Is Key

    If he already has a green card, he doesn’t need to marry a US citizen to become naturalized. Your marriage will have very little effect on his immigration situation. Only in any deportation proceedings would marriage to US citizen provide him with any tangible benefit. But if he stays out of criminal trouble, he won’t have to worry about anything.

  6. so? did you wash his green card? i bet it looks real shiny now?
    are you a citizen? why are you doubting him now? what is the problem? did he ever tell you he was a citizen?
    at least he is not illegal?
    he does not need you to to get his legal status, he has it.
    unless his green card is fake?
    that ought to make you doubt more?
    stop imagining things and get to know him a bit more…
    if you did not find his green card? would you be here to ask questions about him?……?

  7. Is this something wrong he has a green card?? Is he a different person then?? I don t get your point. He ask you to merry him because he loves you. Anyway he`s gonna become a citizen soon anyway but he will be the same person all the time.

  8. If he has a Green Card already then he doesn’t need to be married to you in order to become a US citizen whenever he is eligible. Having a Green Card (assuming it isn’t a fake one) means that he is legally residing in the US and can apply for his Citizenship after he has been a Permanent Resident for 5 years, so there isn’t any reason why he would have asked you to marry him so that he can become a US Citizen.

    Personally I think you should at least get to know each other better before you get married since the Green Card was an obvious surprise to you even though you’ve been dating him for 6 months, but I don’t see any reason why you should break up with him if you initial accepted his proposal because you were in love with him.

  9. Did you not know that he was from another country? If he has a green card, it means that immigration has already granted him residency. You need to look at it really good, if it is a permanent residency then there is no problem. If it is temporary..I would find our what his intentions were.

  10. Massive lie on his part. Huge. Colossal. Grab your sh*t and leave. If you don’t have anything of real value at his place, leave it.

    I’m dead serious.


    It’s seem obvious from your question that you had no idea the guy is not a US citizen. I am sure you knew that he was from another country. You agreed to marry him yet did not know his status? I think he lied to you about something.

    Yeah, give me a thumbs down if you like. But the situation stinks to me like a dead skunk in the middle of the road.

    Again, grab your shit and run. The hairs are standing up on the back of my neck.


    He may just want a free way to become a citizen. You should confront him, if you are going to marry the guy, I would think his nationality might have come up in conversation way before now.

  12. elizabeth_teasley

    Dump. Its also possible, the green card is fraudulent… either way, he’s hidden things one needs to know when deciding on marraige…. to the curb!

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