i have green eys wht color clothing will make them stand out?

11 thoughts on “i have green eys wht color clothing will make them stand out?”

  1. green will sure make your eyes shine like colombian esmerals chao mi amigo ingsaludosssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss

  2. Miss Preppy(Randy Orton Luver)

    Brown or red, I have green eyes also.Also wear a ver dark black eyliner and red blue or pink eyeshadow and highlither

  3. i have green eyes and for some reason dark red makes mine stand out. i wear black mascara and eyeliner alot. i line the tops of my eyes with white eye liner. that makes them stand out a ton when i wear other colors.

  4. If your eyes are closer to brown, you can wear blue-green, green, purple, or brown. If your eyes are closer to blue, the best colors are brown-green, green, purple, and blue. For eye shadow, you can wear light brown blended with a purpley-blue to really make them pop. You are so lucky to have green eyes! They are gorgeous!

  5. i have geen eyes
    take black eyeliner and a baby blue eyeshowdo and a q tip but the eyeliner on first then but the blue showdo the bottem
    and wear green blue puprple and light pink with it it will make your eyes stand out

  6. green, plum, blue, or red. Choose colors that contrast with your eye color, or match your eye color if you want them to stand out.

  7. Simply..♥ FABULOUS 58

    i have greene eyes also
    i think if u wear brown or green they will make ure eyes stand out!


  8. I have green eyes and they are brighter. Color that REALLY make them stand out for me are…

    Greens, blue’s, gray’s and some yellow’s. I have a friend who also has green eyes and I notice on her pastels really make hers stand out. Black is also a good one.

    I personally think the brighter bolder colors drown them out or tone them down. Earthy colors more accent them. Primarily the blue’s greens grays and black. Some pinks and yellows too.

    Do you have access to a digital camera?? Find the right ligthing to get a good look at what your trying to see. Then put on different colors and look at the photo’s to see if you agree or maybe what colors do work for you.

    Eye liner with earthy toned eyeshadows that arent to heavy, would also bring out the green.

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