Inhabitat Green Home Makeover for the winner of the Comcast Town Contest

The winner of the Comcast Town Contest ( recently got a makeover from Inhabitat. We went down to Florida and totally greened his living room! Check out more about the makeover at

10 thoughts on “Inhabitat Green Home Makeover for the winner of the Comcast Town Contest”

  1. For arbiche & Fluideton – people who apparently DID NOT WATCH THE VIDEO AT ALL – there was no furniture in the space before we got there. We did not throw anything out. Please watch the video before leaving uninformed, ignorant comments. The project was financed by Comcast and comcast provided the gadgets (not out choice) – that was part of the deal.

  2. nice design and so on, but come on, a laptop, a sony bravia… these are nice things, but they are far from being “green”, and it’s not a kill-a-wat that will make the difference. At the end of the project, what did you do with all his old furniture and stuffs? Threw them in the bin? I know I sound a little bit negative here, but what’s the real green cost green gadgets and objects ? Oh yeah they’ve recycle a win bottle… cool it came all the way up from Guatemala to the USA. Nice CO2 footprint

  3. Perhaps I’m naive, but……. wouldnt it be even greener if you do not touch the house at all ? or not sending a team (flying?) to the location?

    I love the idea of using recycled bottles for multiple purposes.

  4. oh my goodness i want a green makeover!! i am moving to steel… it looks amazing and so chic!

  5. This is incredible. Richard is a lucky man. The blend of style and functionality in the products featured in the video is really amazing. I’d love to have a few of these in my house.

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