Is camouflage a type of green?

Is it?
Despite being a mixed color?
tomorrow it St. Patrick’s Day, and my school requires green clothing.
I found an outfit that will work for me, but it’s not my style: army fashion.
Black shoes, black shirt, cargo pants that are beige, and camouflage on top with a black scarf.

My green shirts are ugly on me and it doesn’t work out with my staple look…=P

So, is camouflage a type of green?

7 thoughts on “Is camouflage a type of green?”

  1. Camouflage is a "pattern" which can have green and/or brown coloring "in" it depending on the surroundings in which you want to hide.

  2. people into st. patrick’s day will probably say it isn’t green. but technically, it is green, and people would have a hard time arguing against it.

  3. Depends. If its Chinese Woodland Green (a type of camouflage.) then yes. I’d only use it if you can’t find anything else.

  4. camo can be green, but not always. camo is a mix of colors designed to hide soldiers in combat. it could be green for being in a jungle environment. it could be brown. just depends.

    if your camo top has green in it, then yes it can be fine.

    otherwise, find something else.

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