Is it possible to apply for green card while living outside USA?

My spouse graduated from a US university recently with a PhD. And was offered and accepted a job in the gulf region. All inclusive highly paid job and no tax. (That is why we couldn’t resist it)

But, we would like to relocate to US after sometime. My question is can we apply for the green card while outside US. If we can, how do we proceed with it.
Something more to add, both of us are non US citizens/permanent residents.

So that makes things complicated right.

5 thoughts on “Is it possible to apply for green card while living outside USA?”

  1. That is exactly how the orderly process of immigrating to a country is supposed to take place. The definition of an immigrant is: "A person who leaves one country to settle permanently in another." Somehow that system has been corrupted and people try to jump the gun and circumvent the process of immigrating properly.

    EDIT: Now you would need a prospective employer to petition for one of you based upon some skill one of you possesses and which is in short supply in the U.S.

  2. Contact the nearest US embassy. Bring all your documents to show them. That person will be granted a resident visa. It will allow them to live in the US.

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