Is it possible to completely remove mold (allergens and stains) from clothing and shoes? How?

My house got major water damage from a storm while I was out of town and mold set in big time. Now all of my and my son’s clothes and shoes are covered in a green mold. Is it possible to somehow remove the mold (especially allergens) from the items OR will I have to replace all of them? Some of the items are 2 faux fur winter coats, leather shoes, canvas shoes, a suede purse, and lots of other types of clothing. PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!

2 thoughts on “Is it possible to completely remove mold (allergens and stains) from clothing and shoes? How?”

  1. For the clothes that are washable, you may want to use bleach. Check with the dry cleaner for the faux fur coats. The leather shoes may come clean if you give them a good cleaning with saddle soap, then wax with shoe polish.

    Good Luck, this is a terrible thing to happen.

  2. 1. Presoak the mold infected clothing with white vinegar solution. Use 1 to 2 cup of white vinegar to a full load of laundry. Leave it overnight, then rinse.

    2. Wash using normal laundry detergent and hot water. Dry them completely under the hot sun to kill whatever mold residues.

    3. For leather shoes, use mild detergent like hand soap and mix it with water. Brush gently using a soft-bristled toothbrush in circular motion to clean the mold. Wipe clean with a damp cloth. Follow by conditioning with leather conditioner to restore moisture of the leather.

    4. Faux fur coats may need special treatment, check with your local dry cleaner.

    Hope this helps.

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