Is solar energy profitable for the united states at this point?

I’m doing a science report on renewable energy, so I need to know whether solar energy iseconomical for the United States or not. I would appreciate your comments. Thank you!!

3 thoughts on “Is solar energy profitable for the united states at this point?”

  1. In most parts of the USA Solar Energy is not profitable. You would have to live on the west coast or similar place where the state is helping the almost non existent federal incentives.

    The prices or cost of a kWh in most places of the USA is so low that comparing solar to grid power. It would take you 40 to 50 years to get a pay back on your investment. On the west coast maybe 10 to 20 years pay back.

    Remember if you get a solar electric system that would be able to power your home you will have more or extra electric that is wasted. You can only sale back to the grid as much as you use from them. Which means anything over what you use from the grid that you put back in is free to them. Plus you have net metering fees and then your normal electric fees. State and local taxes and on and on.

    No matter how you do it you end up on the short end of the stick and the Electric Co. gets the better end of the deal. You can not make money from solar unless you are the one selling the products or you are the Electric Co.

    But everyone needs to get off grid. It is not for your back pocket but for the planet and your grand kids lives.

  2. Right now, it is still pretty expensive compared to other types of renewable energy. However it is getting cheaper all time as companies improve the technology.

  3. well, solar energy is economically favorable bc the source (sun) = FREE… just maintaining the solar cells, and enhancing the efficiency for converting solar energy into electrical energy.. I am pretty sure Solar energy has been used throughout the United States for YEARS… just in the matter of Profitability, it is not as efficient and profitable compare to wind power..

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