Israeli Solar Power: Renewable Light To The Nations

A cutting edge Israeli company demonstrates the reality of solar power on a large scale. Yishai Fleisher, Managing Editor, visits Arava Power in Kibbutz Ketura 50 km north of Eilat in Southern Israel. He interviews Yosef Abramowitz (President of Arava Power). Arava Power has built Israel’s first commercial solar field which is also the first solar power farm array in the Middle East. This solar field will soon be ramping up to a gigantic 40 megawatts of power which will meet a full third of the power needs of the city of Eilat. Eilat uses 120 megawatts at peak energy (all air conditioners on in every house and every hotel). Music by RebbeSoul:

5 thoughts on “Israeli Solar Power: Renewable Light To The Nations”

  1. @markfriesen1979
    so i can not put up a post about how the israelis are distorying a solar panel system in Hebron? you guys are such losers, why block a post about green power, o i see its not jewish green power you racist gits, hilters best students,!

  2. @AbuAvital
    You generate so much power during the day, that you store enough for the night!

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