Kibera solar power project

Kibera residents are celebrating the arrival of some much needed help from above. Well, a new solar energy technology is changing lives in the slum. The technology which is now being rolled in rural villages as well, promises to save lives and money.

12 thoughts on “Kibera solar power project”

  1. look at all the whitys telling the poor blacks ,you donot know anything, we will give you every thing

  2. way to go. Empowerment to the people.

    When we was in Kenya, yeah, we powered our home using solar, except for the fridge, and water heater sometimes.

  3. @siasabora
    so these white londoners give up their time to do something worthy for the poor slum dwellers. did u see the area mp being driven to register as a voter in a land cruiser gas gazzler? at least he did it electronically and not by a charcoal iron.

  4. @siasabora: Hahahahaha!!!! Nowadays my friend Kiraitu Wa Murungi is too careful to face the cameras. He only does so on selective occasions to comment about the YES on the constitution. But surely this solar thing is one every household must have. Just like a transistor radio.

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