Learn about Solar Energy and Solar Panel Installation…

Google Tech Talks September 12, 2007 ABSTRACT Learn about Solar Energy and Solar Panel Installation from an Industry Expert · Overview — how solar works, benefits, technologies, market trends · Process for installing system · Key questions to ask & things to look for when considering solar o Size o Cost o Incentives o Return on investment · Solar energy myths Credits: Speaker:Meredith McClintock

25 thoughts on “Learn about Solar Energy and Solar Panel Installation…”

  1. @pitdog62 oh man, i use to work in a callcenter and i admit to use um.now i know why my customers wer quite irritated.

  2. Jesus Christ- Get someone that doesn’t fucking Say “Uhm” every 2 freaking seconds, divided by lip smacking. Jeezze.

  3. No wonder the American home owner and business manager is switched off by all this unconvincing sales person.
    Will somebody give me the chance to speak abour solar thermal hot water and space heating that works in cold wet climates like the UK.
    Before investing in solar PV start changing your light bulbs to that of 3 watt super led as much, much cheaper.
    Why are you Americans sold on genarating electricty when you carry on burning up what ever gasolne is left in the world

  4. I cannot listen to this. I lasted 2 minutes but the “uhm” is way too annoying. It’s too bad too because she seems very knowledgeable and I would love to learn. Too difficult to listen to all the “uhm”‘s.

  5. Is it safe to use solar panels with no sun light use other sources of light and is it beneficial. Like wrapping solar panels using electroluminous wire or even fiber optic glow wire. Is this safe and does it make more electricity than what original power is put into it.

  6. tourettets? eg replace the swearword in your mouth with a uhmm but again nice fast talking I guess the uhm let her think but skip it woman

  7. Too bad, had the making of an enlightening event. However, i could not listen to her for more then 20 seconds. Sorry, i thought i was a good listener..

  8. Well gentlemen, just replace that ‘UMM’ with ‘AND’ and you wont get irritated. Just assumed that she is saying ‘ AND ‘ then it will be ok..
    by the way it is a good presentation.

  9. Well the audience does not only suck.
    It sounds like she is sucking on somthing while giving the presentation.
    sntha sntha sntha sntha
    Just listen to her making all that backround noise.

  10. Google is a very rich company.They should edit the umms out. Replace the speaker till she gets them all out.
    That is if they really want to educate us.
    They UMMs are distracting.This is an example of something intentionally done.

  11. get a life people…..her UM is trying to relate to PEOPLE……you people are tards….UM…..yes you are

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