list of things a builder or contractor needs to build a green leed home?

please help?!

2 thoughts on “list of things a builder or contractor needs to build a green leed home?”

  1. mpeterson31769

    On your quest to get a list of items needed to build a LEED certified home, be careful of LEED certified products. There is no such thing. All products have to be submitted as part of the LEED building process. That being said, many online product manufacturers have material about their products that have been submitted for LEED projects with good results.

    I don’t know of a company that supplies a list of all these products, but there are some companies like Green Building Supply that carry a great deal of items for people building LEED certified homes. There are also websites with general information on certain building materials such as flooring (green and eco friendly), HVAC systems, etc. One example is

    Good luck with your project and I look forward to other posts on here to see if someone can offer a complete list of items needed.

  2. Frustrated Independent

    This link can give you some idea. Each state has various requirements, this a national guideline from U.S. Green Building Council.

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